Welcome to Amicus

Welcome to Amicus

We are a group of specialist financial services businesses. We’re realising the ambitions of a huge range of clients, thanks to a few simple principles.

  • A strong vision

    We believe that specialist lending should be done by specialists. And, that only by taking the time to listen can we truly understand how to help. It’s our willingness to commit this time and focus to business lending that makes us different. We bring this commitment and set of values to our entire offering, doing right by clients who are better served by specialists.

  • Strong relationships

    Every deal features a unique combination of stakeholders: all specialists in their field. We value expertise that complements our own, and aim to build ever-stronger relationships. Greater understanding, better practice.

  • A new approach

    We believe that a willingness to approach each requirement as unique, combined with an ability to build a full picture, is the only way to find the best solution. A ‘slow no’ helps nobody: and when we say we can do a deal, we will.

  • Responsibility

    We never work on anything that we wouldn’t put our name to: lending; investment; corporate conduct.