The Value of Partnerships

At Amicus Property Finance we believe there is strength in numbers. Working proactively, as a partnership, builds confidence, supports growth and reinforces a commitment to treating customers fairly. That is why we are proud of the relationships that are being forged with stakeholder partners and trade bodies - and how the initiatives generated are helping support the growth of the short-term lending sector.

We asked four of our partners to explain how working collaboratively delivers mutual benefits for brokers and customers.

"Better at treating customers fairly"

The ASTL believes partnership means fairness:

The ASTL, of which Amicus Property Finance is a member, represents the interests of bridging lenders. We maintain positive relationships with intermediary associations, including the NACFB and the AOBP and encourage our members to do likewise. We participated in the recent NACFB launch of minimum standards for its members and are currently in the process of setting up lender/intermediary workshops with the AOBP to foster compliance and good business practice. All this should encourage treating customers fairly and ensure that all stakeholders work together for everyone's benefit. Communication, co-operation and education between all parties ensures our value charter is delivered across a growing number of member lenders.

Benson Hersch
Chief Executive - ASTL

Our mantra is "How can we help you, our members"

For the NACFB, partnerships mean greater support:

Among the new initiatives put together by the NACFB in 2016 are our Minimum Standards document, the launch of My NACFB and a set of Compliance Support visits that are now taking us on a tour of the UK. The ultimate aim of these initiatives is to embrace transparency, both among our membership and more broadly within the commercial finance industry.

What we are trying to do is much the same as Amicus Property Finance's own Stakeholder initiatives; sharing information from all levels, at all levels. Partnering with lenders such as Amicus Property Finance strengthens the Association because we are all pulling in the same direction to promote best practice.

We have 1600 members and the compliance support visits we are undertaking within a 450-day programme are an example of our commitment to treating all our members as individuals and supporting their compliance and education needs. Our MyNACFB training programme continues the work after the visits and as well as addressing the compliance needs of our members it serves as a platform for us to get the information that our business partners, such as Amicus Property Finance, are wishing to get over to a membership that is demanding to know more about the short-term lending market.

Norman Chambers
Deputy CEO - NACFB

"People turn words into actions"

For AOBP, Partnerships mean a better service:

The AOBP mission statement states that the body is established to provide a service to intermediaries, master brokers and packagers in the bridging finance industry by offering a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues, acting as a trade body to help promote a favourable operating environment and providing information to assist them in their business.

As an active member of The ASTL, Amicus Property Finance is one of the lenders we work with to turn that statement into action. Our members demand that lenders listen and then act on their suggestions for improving the options they can provide to their clients. As a result of the Amicus Property Finance Stakeholder approach one initiative our members have benefited from is the video interview link that Amicus Property Finance use to ensure all parties have a full understanding of the terms and conditions well ahead of completion. As always actions speak louder than words.

Russell Martin
Chairman of AOBP Director - Finance 4 Business

"Co-operation and Education"

At Robert Sterling Surveyors, partnerships mean improved awareness:

Robert Stirling seeks long term relationships with lawyers, brokers and lenders that will support our growth ambitions and few lenders have the same appetite as Amicus Property Finance to forge similar relationships.

Experienced quantity surveyors of the calibre of Cedric Houghton-Brown are hard to find. He is prepared to meet valuer, developer, broker and client on site and contribute to the education piece that is helping all stakeholders understand better the opportunities that the short-term lending market offers.

Arwel Griffith
Managing Partner Robert Stirling Surveyors

We are committed to improving the growth potential of brokers

To learn more about how, working collaboratively with our stakeholders and the industry trade bodies, we can support your future plans, please contact us.