Amicus: take a bow

Amicus; the London based short term lending specialist has won the prestigious 2015 Bridging & Commercial award: “Bridging Lender of the Year”.

The regulated lender has a distribution focus that concentrates on a limited number of master and specialist brokers and it uses the findings of the survey to reinforce its business model, a model that in 2014 saw it achieve, in their opinion, 7% market share (based on ASTL figures).

Keith Aldridge, Managing Director at Amicus commented:

“To come from 'Best Bridging Newcomer' in 2013 to ‘Bridging Lender of the Year’ in just two years is an outstanding achievement.

We have had a great year and the re-brand has brought rich rewards but with the quality of the lenders on the shortlist, we are thrilled to achieve such an accolade.Everyone at Amicus is delighted that our hard work is appreciated by so many in the short term lending sector.

I would like to extend a big thank you from everyone at Amicus to all who recommended us for the award and to all our stakeholder partners without whom we would not be the lender of choice we have become"

Amicus also achieved the “Highly Commended” second place in the “Development Lender of the Year” category.

John Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer at Amicus added:

“Our plans for future growth are in place and this award gives everyone at Amicus the confidence to believe that we will be at the forefront of our chosen markets for years to come.

Our vision is for the Amicus Group to be appreciated as the specialist lender who delivers and this award tells us we are on our way to being acknowledged as just that.”