Amicus broker survey results

Amicus (formally Capital Bridging Finance) has conducted its annual broker survey.

The regulated lender has a distribution focus that concentrates on a limited number of master and specialist brokers and it uses the findings of the survey to reinforce its business model, a model that in 2014 saw it achieve, in their opinion, 7% market share (based on ASTL figures).

Commenting on the survey Keith Aldridge, Managing Director of Amicus said:

“The survey consisted of 16 questions, the responses to which will be used to enhance our relationship with our broker partners and support the growth of our broader proposition that year on year has seen the number of supporting brokers increase. Much of the detail will be used to improve our competitive advantage so is sensitive but just as last year the fact that 73% of respondents were critical of the speed of service from client’s solicitors shows that there is still much to be done by Amicus and other ASTL members to improve the education of many solicitors who remain ignorant of the often demanding time lines that are needed to ensure all stakeholders play their part in getting a case completed. The survey confirmed that longer periods than six months are now the norm with 12 months being the most popular and nine months replacing six months as the second most preferred period.

Only 1% of respondents were regularly seeking loan terms of 18 months or more.

Since last year’s survey Amicus has become a regulated lender so it is interesting to know that 42% of brokers in the survey did not believe that dealing with a regulated lender in an unregulated sector was important. I expect this percentage to reduce in the years ahead as the FCA extends its influence. The survey results show that there is more that all stakeholders need to do to satisfy each other’s priorities but we are delighted to be working with a growing number of like-minded professionals who are comfortable sharing their thinking with us and with 80% of them being very confident that the sector is on the up, we at Amicus are looking forward to achieving a 10% market share of a growing market

£250.00 worth of theatre tokens were offered as an incentive to complete the survey and Roshan Doostdar’s name, of London based Vision Finance, was pulled out of the hat by Lee Tillcock, Editor of Business Moneyfacts.”

Roshan commented:

“What a nice surprise…which is unusual, as you do not usually get any unexpected surprises from Amicus. They are one of only a few lenders who deliver to my expectations. I do not usually complete the many survey requests I get but with Amicus you always feel you are being listened to and that the feedback I give will be used to improve their already excellent proposition.

Looking forward to a good night out and doing much more business with Amicus”